Katsina State Government House is robbed of N31 million

katsina state government house is robbed of n31 million
katsina state government house is robbed of n31 million

Allegedly, crooks stormed into the Katsina State government compound and made off with N31 million.

The state’s official residence, which should be the safest facility in the state, has been broken into twice in as many years.

The State Secretary’s office reported losing N16 million in 2020 due to theft (SGS).

In connection with the theft, three people were detained: two government employees working in the SGS office and a security guard.

Reliable sources at the government residence told PREMIUM TIMES that the heist took place on Sunday, July 31.

Someone in high places, who did not wish to be named, claimed that the Government House’s Financial Controller’s office had been broken into and that the cash in a sack had been stolen.

The Financial Controller, Salisu Batsari, was in the office at the time of the theft, which occurred late at night.

I haven’t seen the surveillance tapes, but the cops will likely ask for them. However, he added, “I was told that film showed a man wearing a face mask entering the workplace through a partially open window.”

Al Amin Isa, the governor’s media adviser, confirmed the loss to reporters, including the PREMIUM TIMES, but he would not specify how much money had been stolen.

The incident was reported to the authorities, and they are currently looking into it.

Mr. Isa assured the community that the state administration and the police were looking into the theft and that those responsible would be brought to justice.

He said that the government had taken precautions after the initial theft, but that “you know how cunning these individuals may be.”

A government source stated certain officials were arrested in connection with the theft but were later freed, despite the fact that the state police spokeswoman, Gambo Isa, did not immediately respond to an SMS seeking for comment about the crime.

On Monday, the State administration learned of the theft and promptly began working with law enforcement to initiate an inquiry. He added, “The police have invited the FC (financial controller) and several of his staff, as well as certain security officials who were on duty that fatal day, to come in for interrogation.”

Since he was not involved in the police investigations, he claimed ignorance when asked why the suspects had been released.

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