Kidnappers fined Us N1m for late ransom Payment – Freed Couple

Kidnappers fined Us N1m for late ransom Payment - Freed Couple
Kidnappers fined Us N1m for late ransom Payment – Freed Couple

A husband and wife who were recently kidnapped in Katsina have regained their freedom after purportedly paying N11 million in ransom.

Remember that ten days ago, robbers raided the Shola hamlet in the Katsina Local Government Area of Katsina State, kidnapping six individuals.

Alhaji Tukur Turaki, one of the victims, stated that on the fatal night, his wife heard strangers mistreating their son and mistook them for troops, so she let the kidnappers into their flat.

“When they entered, they asked my wife where I was, and I responded before she could indicate my location. They requested money, therefore I gave them the N700,000 I had on me.

“After collecting the money, one of them stated that they had been hired to kill me, and I told him to tell me how to position myself so that he could kill me. When he heard this, he grabbed my hand and said, “We won’t kill you, but we’ll travel with you so you may pay the ransom and be set free.”

“When we got outside, my wife followed us. They requested her to go back, but she stood her ground, so one of them stated she should come with us; so, they kidnapped two of us,” he explained.

According to him, they walked to a location close to Bugaje village in Jibia LGA, where the bandits hid their motorcycles and led them into the jungle.

“The next day, they demanded N30 million in ransom, which we negotiated down to N10 million, but it rained that day, so my staff were unable to deliver the money until the day after. Then, our captors demanded an additional N1 million for one day, so I called on my people to get the additional funds, and they delivered the full N11 million,” he stated.

Turaki characterised the living conditions as dreadful, stating that one of the remaining captives had a baby girl for whom they used nylon bags as diapers, and that the infant was not cleaned for the duration of their captivity.

Hajiya Sa’adatu Turaki, the husband’s wife, stated that the bandits took others, including a nursing mother, from Shola quarters.

“When I realised that the nursing mother was having trouble breathing, I picked up her child and backed her up, and we went to a facility where they split the N700,000,” she explained.

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