Landlord, gateman accused of killing 4-year-old for ritual

landlord, gateman accused of killing 4 year old for ritual
landlord, gateman accused of killing 4 year old for ritual

The Niger State Police Command has detained a landlord and his gateman on suspicion of complicity in the ritualistic murder of a 4-year-old kid, Hassan Ibrahim, in Lapai Local Government Area of the state.

DSP Abiodun Wasiu, who confirmed the development on Saturday in Minna, stated that an inquiry into the incident has begun and cautioned citizens against resorting to jungle justice.

According to NAN, the suspects were saved from lynching by a crowd after the boy’s skeletal bones were purportedly discovered four days after he was reported missing.

A local citizen who wished to remain anonymous stated that Emmanuel, a well-known seller in building materials, reportedly conspired with his gateman to abduct the child.

The householder claims that the two suspects murdered the youngster and removed his essential organs, including his eyes, ears, private part, and heart, before placing his remains in a bag for the gatekeeper to dispose of.

“The gatekeeper boarded a motorcycle and rode to a nearby stream to dispose of the body, but upon dropping him off, the biker observed blood leaking from the bag. “The commercial motorcyclist informed witnesses and law enforcement,” a local resident was reported as saying.

The police were activated and proceeded to the creek, where they arrested the gatekeeper. According to reports, he confessed that his landlord sent him to dispose of the body and that they were responsible for the boy’s abduction.

Some town youngsters, angered by the development, set fire to the home and vehicles of the prominent businessman who supposedly employed the suspect killer.

Another local citizen, Abdullahi Musa, stated, “There are nasty people in every neighbourhood. Joseph is one of them. We have set fire to his residence. We would have killed him if we had received him.”

Another neighbour, Maryam Kwambo, characterised the purported finding of the child’s bones as the first instance of its kind in the town.

“Since the inception of the Lapai local government area, we have never experienced a situation as radical and vile as the current one. We’ll get to the bottom of this issue. We will provide the youngster with justice. Just four days ago, we learned that the boy was gone, and no one could explain his whereabouts. This issue must be handled appropriately. We seek justice,” she continued.

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