Man, wife, and three children die from generator fumes

man, wife, and three children die from generator fumes
man, wife, and three children die from generator fumes

The discovery of the lifeless remains of a businessman, Lawrence Olorungbon, his pregnant wife, and their three children in their one-bedroom apartment has caused bewilderment among the residents of Kofo Abayomi Avenue in the Apapa district of Lagos State.

The catastrophic event, believed to have been triggered by the generator’s exhaust, occurred just two days after the family moved into the apartment.

Last Wednesday, the secretary of the late businessman Njoku Treasure was unable to reach her boss on his cell phone, according to information acquired by SHAUNTV.

The next day, she attempted to contact him again, but was unable; as a result, she went to his Apapa apartment, only to find the entrance door locked.

She reported that an awful odour permeated the air and that flies were swarming about. She quickly called police officers from the Apapa Division, who arrived at the scene and broke the entrance door open to discover decomposed remains.

Yesterday, when we visited the neighbourhood, the supermarket in front of the building was still locked.

As she was a new tenant, some of the neighbours stated they were unfamiliar with her and could only identify her by her last name, Iya Israel.

They informed us that the event could have occurred since Tuesday of last week, citing the fact that the family was last seen the day before.

A renter who identified herself just as Blessing stated, “Because the building was restored, all the tenants moved in very quickly. Mr. Lawrence and his family moved into the property on Sunday, May 22, 2022, after being evicted from their old residence in the Liverpool neighbourhood of Apapa.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 was the day of the terrible occurrence because that was the last time the individuals were seen. No one knew what transpired, however, until Thursday, when the lady who worked at their POS store in Liverpool called. She stated she was seeking cash. The entire family had perished in a reckless manner.

Another neighbour, Iya Didi, who braids hair, stated, “On Thursday, I went to their compound to braid the hair of one of the store salesgirls, Kuffravis. I observed that the entire location was odorous. When asked what they smelled, many responded that they had no idea. And there were flies everywhere; I had no idea that one of the new renters had been injured.

Another female resident of the same building stated, “I last saw them on Tuesday.” I observed the man fetching water that night due to a malfunctioning pumping mechanism.

“We did not see any of them on Wednesday. And we had no suspicions because they had recently moved in. His vehicle was parked within the compound, and their burglary was sealed off from the exterior.

“On that Wednesday, the proprietor of the grocery store downstairs complained that the parked car was preventing consumers from entering his store. I dialled his number, which rang but no one answered. We thought that someone or something was fishing when the entire area began to smell fishy.

When the door of the Olorungbon was forcibly opened, the pregnant woman was discovered naked at the door, probably attempting to crawl outside and call for aid before she died.

The dad was discovered sleeping on his back with his two-year-old child on his chest, while the bodies of his other two children were discovered on the bed.

The Vanguard also learned that the deceased businessman had a confrontation with a commercial motorcycle on Tuesday evening. The latter is believed to have struck the former’s parked car in front of the building.

According to reports, the deceased insisted on receiving N10,000 from the motorcyclist for repairs to his vehicle. According to witnesses, the okada rider handed him the money while muttering under his breath.

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