Many Nigerians Facing Mental Health, Not Seeking Help — Experts

many nigerians facing mental health, not seeking help — experts
many nigerians facing mental health, not seeking help — experts

It has been observed that Nigeria’s problems can be solved by addressing the mental health problems of its population.

According to the Association of Counselling, Matchmaking, and Psychotherapy of Nigeria (ACMPN), many Nigerians face mental challenges without seeking assistance.

“We believe that the challenges confronting Nigeria stem from a mental issue; people believe it’s poverty, but it’s not. It is what I refer to as mental poverty; if we alter our mentality, everything will be corrected in this country, according to the association’s president, Dr. Tolulope Oko-Igaire.

She spoke during a Lagos-held press conference commemorating International Mental Health Awareness Week with the topic “Loneliness.”

She stated that the purpose of the week was to raise awareness among Nigerians about the importance of mental health.

To educate the general public about mental health, the organisation also organised a walk that began at the Lekki Central Mosque in Lagos.

To educate Nigerians on the significance of mental health, Oko-Igaire revealed that the group has declared a year of free counselling.

The association also asked Nigerians to adopt the practise of regular consultations with therapists, mental health counsellors, and others in order to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid loneliness and other mental health difficulties.

According to Oko-Igaire, the association is non-governmental and non-profit, with members who are passionate and committed to assisting humanity.

She added that, contrary to the idea that treatment is primarily for the weak and those with low self-esteem, no population is immune to mental health issues.

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