Nasarawa Police Officer ‘Rapes, Impregnates’ Teenage Niece

nasarawa police officer ‘rapes, impregnates’ teenage niece
nasarawa police officer ‘rapes, impregnates’ teenage niece

A police officer from the Nigerian police force’s State Intelligence Bureau, Nasarawa State Police Command, has allegedly raped and impregnated his 15-year-old niece.

According to IFWLA State Chairman Mrs. Rabiatu Addra during a press briefing on Wednesday in the state capital of Lafian, Lafia.

The woman was allegedly raped by her uncle, an inspector in the Nigerian Police Force, according to a tip from a whistleblower, according to FIDA’s chairperson.

It has been reported by her that the suspect has been captured. And she promised to continue investigating the case and bring criminal charges against anyone found guilty as a lesson for others.

An investigation should be carried out thoroughly, according to Addra.

“FIDA, in concert with the Sexual and Gender Based Violence Response team, facilitated and mobilised police officers to get the suspect apprehended,” she said.

Unfortunately, the victim’s six-month-old baby was taken away from her and she was unable to give birth to a healthy child.” State Justice paid for a DNA test in an effort to identify the genuine perpetrator in the continuing inquiry.”

However, according to Mrs Rabiatu Addra, the victim has been released from the hospital and has been reunited with her loved ones.

“The team is constantly ready and prepared to advocate, protect, and serve the rights of women and children. ‘” According to her, “We are encouraging victims of abuse to always have the courage to speak up so that we can provide them with the required help.”

Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ramhan Nansel could not be reached for comment on the incident; neither phone calls nor texts were replied to his mobile phones.

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