Nigeria Deploys 173 Troops To Guinea Bissau Amid Insecurity

Nigeria Deploys 173 Troops To Guinea Bissau Amid Insecurity
Nigeria Deploys 173 Troops To Guinea Bissau Amid Insecurity

As part of Guinea Bissau’s commitment to world peace, around 173 troops have been sent to protect the peace in the nation.

Major General Oluwafemi Akinjobi, Chief of Operations, Army Headquarters, said this while addressing during the pre-deployment training graduation of the Nigerian troops to the ECOWAS mission in Guinea Bissau.

“Since independence, Nigeria has provided over 100,000 troops to over 40 nations on peacekeeping operations,” he stated at the Martin Luther Agwai International Leadership and Peacekeeping Centre Jaji, Kaduna State.

Akinjobi, who was represented by the Chief of Operations, Major General Zakari Abubakar, stated that Nigeria continues to be a beacon of peace and the gatekeeper of the ECOWAS sub-region.

He insisted that Nigerian troops had helped restore peace in many war zones throughout the world, earning them several national and individual commendations from various missions.

“The nation continues to seek to ensure security and stability in Africa via collective security through contributing to international peace and security, which is critical to Nigeria’s defence strategy,” he said.

“You are going there as representatives of the nation, therefore you must be of good conduct,” he said, warning the troops not to do any activities that might damage the country’s image while in the mission area.

Earlier, Major General Auwal Fagge, Commandant of the Centre, stated that the purpose of the pre-deployment training was to provide the targeted unit with the necessary skills and expertise to perform successfully and efficiently during their deployment to Guinea Bissau.

He emphasised that the troops, who had four weeks of rigorous training that included cordon and search as well as weapon handling, were well-equipped to maintain order in the mission area.

He entrusted the troops with carrying out their tasks while keeping in mind the multinational, cultural, and religious diversity of the operational environment, emphasising the importance of kindness and respect for others.

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