Nigeria Is In Need Of A Madman To Turn Things Around – Wike

nigeria is in need of a madman to turn things around – wike
nigeria is in need of a madman to turn things around – wike

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State asserts that Nigeria’s position is so dire that the country requires a madman to turn things around.

This was said by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential contender during a Wednesday address to the party’s delegates in Kogi State.

Wike pleaded with delegates to vote for him in the primaries, claiming that he had the necessary qualifications to rule Nigeria and lead it to the promised land.

“My energy level is excessive. I want to channel my enthusiasm into service to the country,” he stated.

“I have made myself available to my party and to be elected as the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s next president. We have never been more divided in the history of our country. I have the ability to reintroduce the country to its path of grandeur. It makes no difference where you come from. “It takes a lunatic to rule Nigeria,” he stated.

He stated that Nigerians require a daring and courageous someone such as himself who can tell the truth to power.

He urged delegates not to question his commitment to reviving the economy.

“As for me, if you do not vote for me in our party primary, I will continue to be a PDP member. I have gained from this party, and hence have no justification for defecting,” he stated.

The Presidential candidate slammed people who abandoned the PDP after benefiting from it.

The two past governors of the state, Ibrahim Idris and Captain Idris Wada, as well as state party executive members, lauded governor Wike’s qualities and guaranteed him of their support in the party presidential primary scheduled at the end of this month.

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