Nigerian police are told to increase security “humanely”

nigerian police are told to increase security humanely
nigerian police are told to increase security humanely

On Sunday, Nigerian police said they will increase security at schools and hospitals and perform stop and search operations in an effort to reduce the rising number of gang attacks.

Some of the most serious threats to the safety of the upcoming February elections are attacks by Islamist terrorists and armed gangs.

To “crack down on pockets of crime and criminality recorded in several states of the federation,” the Inspector General of Police “has equally authorised regular patrols, stop and search, raids, and show of force by tactical commanders,” according to a police statement.

The statement went on to say that law enforcement officers should “act civilly, professionally, and humanely” when doing their jobs.

Citizens and activists claim that despite official assurances that policing will be reformed, abuses such as extortion, assault, and intimidation persist.

There was the worst civil unrest in Nigeria since the country returned to civilian government in 1999, when Nigerians demonstrated in October 2020 to protest police abuse.

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