Nigeria’s Solid Minerals Attract Terrorists – Ben Ayade

Nigeria's Solid Minerals Attract Terrorists – Ben Ayade
Nigeria’s Solid Minerals Attract Terrorists – Ben Ayade

Cross River State Governor Ben Ayade stated Thursday that Nigeria’s massive solid minerals resource is luring terrorists to the nation.

On Thursday morning, when appearing on Channel Television’s Sunrise Daily, which our correspondent watched, Ayade stated: “Security has enormous worldwide aspects.”

“Nigeria is endowed with an abundance of vital elements and metals of economic significance. As a result, the nation’s substantial minerals stockpile has been a cause of contention.

“Nigeria contains a sizable tantalite deposit, as well as quantities of lead, zinc, gold, and uranium. Generally, in Africa, having such a deposit is an invitation to crisis, since they [foreign players] will keep you unsettled in order to do the exploration.

“With Afghanistan’s fall, ISWAP now views West Africa as their own God-given territory.”

He stated that the objective is to eradicate all people of the sub-region since they view Muslims and Christians in this region as unbelievers.

“So, they have a policy of occupying West Africa, and with the fall of Afghanistan, they now have access to power, they have their own sovereign nation, they trade in narcotics, sell them to create finances to purchase weaponry, and wage a massive war,” he continued.

He lauded President Muhammadu Buhari for his efforts to keep Nigeria together in the face of these atrocities.

“ISWAP has such capability today — Boko Haram, which is affiliated with Al-Qaeda, and ISWAP, which is affiliated with ISIS, are all attacking Nigeria and its natural riches,” Ayade emphasised.

He stated that Nigeria’s security difficulties were not the consequence of leadership failure but rather a global issue with an international component aimed at maintaining Nigeria’s instability.

“To solve the issue, you’re going to require some international strategic and security linkages. This is much above the President of Nigeria’s authority and competence,” he stated.

He stated that Nigeria’s security concerns require the government to appeal to the international community and seek advanced digital and no-contact technologies.

Additionally, he stated that if elected president, he will forge strategic alliances with nations like as Turkey and Israel and embrace technology.

Ayade stated that when he becomes president, he will prioritise resolving Nigeria’s security, economic, and electricity concerns.

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