Nine died, and many are missing as Survivors Recount Ordeal

nine died and many are missing as survivors recount ordeal
nine died and many are missing as survivors recount ordeal

The bombing of the Kaduna-bound train by hundreds of terrorists on Monday night has left Nigeria in despair.

Terrorists put explosives on the train rails, forcing it to come to a complete stop. According to witnesses, the gunmen surrounded most of the coaches and opened fire before forcing inside and firing at random, killing some individuals.

They reportedly dragged a number of passengers, including dozens of women and children, from the train and into the bushes nearby.

Approximately nine bodies from the ill-fated train have been discovered and deposited at the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital Kaduna, according to witnesses, as physicians battle to save the lives of those who received serious bullet wounds.

According to other estimates, the number of people killed ranged from nine to 10, while the Kaduna State government and the ministry of transportation placed the number at eight.

Many relatives have resorted to social media to proclaim their loved ones’ deaths, while others have stated that their loved ones are still missing and that police have been unable to contact them.

Although our correspondent could not directly corroborate this, sources at the Rigasa Train Station reported two Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) employees were among the victims.

The train, which has previously been assaulted, was said to have departed Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, at 6 p.m. on Monday before being attacked between the Katari and Rijana towns in Kaduna State.

It was carrying around 350 people, according to reports, as the train service remained the “safest” in recent times as a result of terrorist assaults on the Abuja-Kaduna Expressway, which have claimed hundreds of lives in recent years.

With the latest incident, which resulted in the suspension of train services along the Abuja corridor, access to Kaduna and, by extension, many parts of the North West and North East has been hampered, especially given the cancellation of most commercial flights to Kaduna following the terrorists’ siege on the airport over the weekend.

Thousands of people have shunned the 150-kilometer route in favor of the train, which appears to be safer.

About 25 people with gunshot wounds were being treated at the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital and St. Gerald Hospital, both in Kaduna, as of Tuesday morning, according to our sources.

“Doctors are fighting for the lives of some of the seriously injured,” a military hospital employee who did not want to be recognized stated.

When our reporters visited the army hospital, they saw worried families milling about the emergency department, hoping to learn what had happened to their loved ones. Many were spotted praying, while others appeared to be deep in meditation as they awaited word from the hospital officials on the health of their family.

Nine remains have been deposited to the hospital’s morgue, according to a hospital employee who asked to remain anonymous. “So far, nine bodies have been discovered, all with gunshot wounds; in fact, one of the victims’ head has been severely injured after being struck by a bullet in the forehead.”

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