North Central Groups Back Tinubu For Presidency

north central groups back tinubu for presidency
north central groups back tinubu for presidency

About 200 groups from the country’s North Central region have endorsed Bola Ahmed Tinubu for President in 2023.

In a statement published in Abuja following their meeting, the North Central Agenda for Tinubu, NCAT, stated that Tinubu is their favourite candidate among the many who have expressed interest in ruling Nigeria.

Over 200 support groups from the country’s north-central region were represented at the gathering by representatives and leaders.

Participants have critically analysed Tinubu’s objective, according to NCAT President John Ali Oriri, who remarked at the meeting.

“Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu has proclaimed his desire to run for President of the United States of America in 2023 on the APC platform, and other APC candidates and political parties have shown interest in the same post,” he added.

“Asiwaju Tinubu has begun a statewide consultation with various stakeholders and interest groups, during which he has continued to disclose his vision for putting Nigeria on the path to economic sustainability and asserting the country’s central role in global affairs.

“The former governor of Lagos State has demonstrated that he is an excellent manager of resources, particularly human resources, by mentoring and grooming political leaders who have had a good influence on Nigeria through the positions they have held or continue to occupy.

“He has demonstrated that he is financially solid in order to find answers to Nigeria’s problems.”

“In the future President, Tinubu has the amount of expertise and network that the country need,” he continued.

According to Oriri, there is a zoning argument going on, with the majority of people leaning toward the southern region of the country producing the next President.

“Tinubu comes from the south, which is good, because he is excellently qualified to be the next president even without zoning.”

“If Asiwaju Bola Tinubu becomes president in 2023 and beyond, the North-Central has the best opportunity of getting their marginalisation rectified.”
“Of all the candidates who have expressed interest in the job, he is the only one who has repeatedly demonstrated that he is detribalized and liberal-minded enough to fully embrace the diversity required to lead Nigeria,” he added.

The North Central group also agreed to formally advise Tinubu that the decision to run for President is no longer his to make since Nigerians have decided that he is the one to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari and lead the country to the Promised Land.

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