Officers Who Spoke With Terrorists After Kuje Attack Arrested

officers who spoke with terrorists after kuje attack arrested
officers who spoke with terrorists after kuje attack arrested

Two personnel of the Nigerian Police Force are currently detained for their involvement in the Abuja prison invasion of Kuje.

Over 800 inmates, including all Boko Haram suspects in custody, were liberated by terrorists who overcame security personnel at the prison on Tuesday night.

The attack caused widespread shock throughout the nation.

President Muhammadu Buhari expressed unhappiness with the intelligence collecting apparatus during his Wednesday visit to the scene.

“The intelligence system is disappointing. How are terrorists able to organise, obtain weapons, and attack a security installation without being caught? How did the prison’s defences fail to prevent the assault? How many prisoners were housed at the facility? How many are you able to account for? How many staff members were on duty? How many of them had weapons? The watchtower may have had guards. What were they doing? Does CCTV operate?” Buhari had asked.

The Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) claimed credit for the attack hours after Buhari left Kuje.

Wednesday night, the terrorist organisation released a video showing some of its fighters shooting their way inside the facility.

In the 38 second footage, tens of fighters were seen advancing in groups while vehicles and buildings were on fire.

A senior dressed in indigenous clothing joined the young men who were shouting at the top of their lungs.

The Islamic State’s A’maq Agency released the video with the comment, “Yesterday, Islamic State fighters successfully raided Kuje jail in Abuja and freed scores of captives.”

The Daily Trust has learned that two police officers were apprehended following the interception of their communications with some of the fugitives.

“Two of the fugitive terrorists called a police investigative officer in one of our stations and spoke to him in a compromising manner…

They are currently being investigated to determine their level of complicity, according to the source.

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