Ohanaeze disagrees with Soludo’s offer of ‘amnesty’ to agitators

Ohanaeze disagrees with Soludo's offer of 'amnesty' to agitators
Ohanaeze disagrees with Soludo’s offer of ‘amnesty’ to agitators

Governor Charles Soludo stated his administration has offered “amnesty” to agitators in Anambra following recent violent attacks and weekly Monday sit-at-homes.

But Ohanaeze slammed the usage of the word amnesty, claiming it implies the teenagers have committed a crime when they are merely battling marginalization.

Ohanaeze applauded Governor Soludo’s attempts to rehabilitate enraged Igbo youths causing trouble in the state and the South East in general, while denouncing their mistreatment.

In an interview with Channels Television, Soludo bemoaned the situation in the southeast, which has seen a spike in violent attacks on security personnel.

On Sunday, gunmen ambushed a Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) patrol unit in Anambra, killing two officers.

Despite the attacks, hoodlums are nonetheless implementing the IPOB-imposed sit-at-home order.

Just yesterday, inhabitants of Anambra, Imo and some cities in the southeast deserted the roads and streets, workers failed to end the controversial sit-at-home in the region.

Soludo stated his administration is ready to rehabilitate and train anybody willing to surrender on Channels TV.

“There are now factions within the agitation movement. Various factions exist. One is led by Simeon Ekpa in Finland.

“IPOB accuses that organization of being behind much of the criminality in the southeast. It’s a major step forward.

“They have camps all over the place in the jungle. They come to kill and kidnap. We can focus on the crooks once we isolate the non-involved populations.

“We also gave them amnesty. Come out, give us your guns, and we will teach you in whatever skills you need, even if we have to raise funds to do so.”

Soludo said a gun cannot kill an idea, and that it is important to address the problem’s core source.

“You realize you can’t shoot an ideology with a gun. You miss the point if you only perceive it as a law enforcement issue. “Involve them,” he said.

The governor announced a truth and reconciliation panel.

“We must take this very seriously. We take it extremely seriously and believe that everyone has something to contribute. We extend an olive branch of repentance to the criminals.

Accordingly, the governor announced yesterday’s prayer sessions across the state to be the official conclusion of home-bound.

As stated by Ohanaeze spokesman Alex Chidozie Ogbonnia, one should always look at cause and effect.

But in the case of the South East, the result is being scrutinized, not the reason.

We are marginalized, unemployed, and marginalized in government. Our youth are miserable as a result. They are poor every day because of their origins, their ancestors’ historical experiences. They are upset and agitated because of it, so either treat us well or let us go. And they do it in the guise of IPOB and others.

“In reality, the President’s remarks regarding 95% and 5% votes worsened the situation. The current government has not been fair to the South East, and the people are protesting in many ways.

“Soludo is correct in naming them and using the word amnesty. The crucial thing is that the young people are right. I commend Soludo. He is a man who dares to take a risk. He’ll get enough help. It will also affect the other South East States”, Ogbonnia stated.

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