Osinbajo Shows Off Muslim Aides amid Bigotry Allegation

osinbajo shows off muslim aides amid bigotry allegation
osinbajo shows off muslim aides amid bigotry allegation

In a resounding rebuttal of the accusation of discrimination, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s office published a video showing his Muslim aides and acquaintances.

The video was made public when Farooq Kperogi, a journalism professor in the United States, accused the vice president of religious prejudice in an article.

In a video broadcast to his social media accounts on Monday, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo publicly stated his aspiration to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

The 16 staffers spoke about their jobs, states of origin, and lengths of service in the vice president’s office in a video broadcast on Wednesday.

The following Muslim appointees were mentioned in the video: Abdulrahman Ipaye (Lagos) — deputy chief of staff to the president, Mariam Uwais (Kano) — special adviser to the president on social investment, Babafemi Ojudu (Ekiti) — special adviser on political matters, Balkisu Saidu (Sokoto) — senior special assistant on legal research and compliance matters, Abdullahi Gwari (Yobe)

Kperogi, in response, argued that Osinbajo was solely concerned in boosting the interests of members of his church, claiming that it was Buhari who appointed the Muslims in the video.

“Several of them are embarrassed by it, just as I am by Buhari’s bias for northern Muslims.” So, please don’t see my words as vilifying the RCCG, which I feel is a wonderful spiritual refuge and source of hope for many.”

“Let’s begin with factual data and finish with a conceptual summary of what Osinbajo’s intolerance signifies, which is scarier than the facts.” Osinbajo’s deceptive parade of a few dozen Muslims who work in his office (including at least two who no longer work there and several who were appointed directly by Buhari or the Presidency) is a poor attempt to cover up his vast record of deliberate, religiously inspired exclusion of Nigerians who do not worship at his church.

“The following is a list of the 80 persons who work in his office.” I’ve confirmed that the majority of them are members of the RCCG. Take a look at the 80 persons that work in his office, including those selected by the President, and tell me what you observe.

“Osinbajo was the pastor of the RCCG’s Olive Tree Parish in Lagos. When he became VP in May 2015, Okechukwu Enelamah took over as pastor of the parish. When Osinbajo was given the opportunity to name a minister months later, he chose Enelamah.

“Alex Ayoola Okoh became the pastor of the Olive Tree Parish following Enelamah’s appointment as a minister.” A vacancy for the job of BPE DG arose in 2017. Alex Ayoola Okoh, Enelemah’s replacement, was chosen by Osinbajo once more. That’s three successive Olive Tree Parish pastors in government at the same time.

“However, things become much more fascinating. Pastor Olukayode Pitan was Osinbajo’s predecessor at Olive Tree Parish. He is supposed to be the parish’s first pastor. He served as pastor there from 1995 to 2009, when he passed over to Osinbajo.

“Well, while he was acting president, Osinbajo named him MD/CEO of the Bank of Industry (of course, with the subsequent consent of Buhari, who had no idea what was going on). That’s four pastors from the same RCCG congregation! ”

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