Owo Massacre: FG Shames Us, Akeredolu Says at Funeral

Owo Massacre: FG Shames Us, Akeredolu Says at Funeral
Owo Massacre: FG Shames Us, Akeredolu Says at Funeral

Friday’s burial ceremony for the victims of the June 5 terrorist assault at Saint Francis Catholic Church in Owaluwa, Owo, Ondo State, was marred by an abundance of tears.

During the occasion held at the Mydas Resort and Hotel in Owo, the state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN), could not disguise his feelings.

Federal Government’s decision on ISWAP was hasty — Akeredolu

During his statement, Akeredolu, who shed tears, stated that the government had failed to safeguard the victims of the terrorist assault.

The governor stated that the government had failed to safeguard both the victims and the whole populace, while the bereaved relatives and sympathisers wept tears.

According to Akeredolu, who wept during his address, the nation’s security architecture need revision.

Betty, the wife of the governor, and former governor Mimiko were among the dignitaries in attendance.

Akeredolu stated, “What has occurred in Owo, Ondo State is beyond description. I continue to think that there is no way to adequately express what occurred. We have 22 of the deceased victims in this room, as some were interred.

“At final count, these beasts slaughtered forty individuals. We have failed to protect this population. Concerning security, we have failed. These forces of evil will not prevail over us.

“Akeredolu is a powerful soldier. He did not fail; he attempted to safeguard everyone. We are not accustomed to this, nor can anyone become accustomed to it. What is required for any state to establish its own police force? Those who permit this to occur have blood on their hands.

“Nigerians, you did not fail; the country and the politicians who opened the road for this did. Nigerians must reclaim their homeland from those responsible for its destruction.

“Tell us why you’re angry and why you’re not adopting a different path, if you’re behind this.” Tell us how the government is defending its citizens. The battle they are waging cannot be won in this manner. No one wins a battle in this manner. You can only win this type of conflict by providing for and educating your children.

“You cannot conquer us in Yoruba territory with weapons, since we will always approach you with goodwill. FG has humiliated us. We are ashamed of you.”
Bishop of Sokoto Diocese Hassan Kukah said, “We remain optimistic about the future of our country, which is in God’s hands.”
Where we are today is not Nigeria, and we no longer recognise our nation, yet we have nowhere else to turn except to God.

“We are fervently praying for God’s strength since there is more than anybody can discuss. We urge our people to stay courageous.”
During the burial ceremony, the Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese, Most Rev. Emmanuel Badejo, posed the question, “How much longer will this continue?” How many others must die? Buhari must awaken, sit up, and preserve Nigerian lives.

“We Nigerians must return our nation to the road of morality. May the Almighty God cause those who commit wrong to repent. God alone knows why this is occurring. Only God can give us consolation.”

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