Reason Why Bianca, Obiano’s Wife Clashed At My Inauguration

why bianca obianos wife clashed at my inauguration soludo
why bianca obianos wife clashed at my inauguration soludo

In response to the violation of etiquette that occurred during his inauguration, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo of the Anambra State University has broken his silence, blaming the occurrence to a “personal matter.”

The governor’s inauguration was marred by some little controversy, according to Shauntv.

Mr. Obiano’s ex-wife, Ebelechukwu, smacked Mrs. Ojukwu during an event.

Joe C. Anatune Head of Soludo Media extended an apology on behalf of the governor to all Anambra people and visitors who attended his inauguration for the breach of decorum.

Obiano and Ojukwu were clearly in his thoughts, despite the fact that he did not identify them.

He claimed that the breach was triggered by “inappropriate communication” between “the two people engaged in the breach” because of a personal issue.

Resolving misunderstandings is being done and parties are being reunited, Soludo stated.

“Anambra State has been renowned for a long time for its enormous stock of social harmony, and the stock will rise greatly in the years ahead as part of the deliberate effort to expedite the state’s development,” he says. “

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