Reps Seek Automatic Jobs For First Class Graduates

reps seek automatic jobs for first class graduates
reps seek automatic jobs for first class graduates

First-class graduates should be given automatic jobs by the federal government, according to a House of Representatives resolution passed on Wednesday.

Motion by Chinedu Emeka Martins, who stated that colleges generate hundreds of first-class graduates each year, many of whom are unable to acquire employment, was approved by the board of trustees.

While employable first-class graduates are unemployed and fleeing Nigeria in droves, the lower-class graduates, whose ties are connected, receive the option of first refusal regardless of the rising national concern to get the nation’s top minds aboard leadership and other posts, he claims..

The “developing nation” status of Nigeria would remain stagnant, according to Martins, unless a mechanism to reward hard work and achievement is put in place immediately.

First-class graduates would be encouraged to work harder and maximise their potential in preparation for various economic roles and leadership positions if they received an automatic job offer, he added.

First-class graduates should be employed by the Ministry of Education, the House of Representatives said.

The Tertiary Education and Services Committee and the Employment, Labor and Productivity Committee of the House of Representatives have been instructed to monitor the situation.

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