Robbers attacked helpless patients at Kano’s oldest hospital

robbers attacked helpless patients at kanos oldest hospital
robbers attacked helpless patients at kanos oldest hospital

On Thursday, robbers occupied the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital in Kofar Mata, Kano, for hours.

The hospital, founded in 1926, is Kano’s oldest medical facility. It serves residents in the state’s metropolitan local government area.

Residents in the Centre of Commerce have reported phone snatchers making their lives a misery. Some families have lost loved ones, while others have survived with injuries.

According to eyewitnesses, the armed attackers entered the hospital at 3 a.m. and attacked patients in the Accident and Emergency Unit.

The kids overcame the security personnel on the ground.

An unnamed hospital security guard said the terrorists entered in a commando-like fashion.

He stated they took phones and money from staff, caregivers, and patients.

On the way out of the A&E unit, another witness witnessed individuals rushing in different ways.

“I was ready to depart when I heard a noise. I noticed people sprinting helter-skelter. The arm-wielding adolescents began to throng the unit, causing havoc.”

A woman who was at the hospital at the time reported the youth had knives, rods, and cutlasses.

“They took our money and phones,” she claimed. They were above 40. Even in hospitals, people are not safe. They moved between wards and rooms. They yelled at patients and threatened to beat them up.”

Following the heist at Murtala Muhammed Specialist Hospital on Thursday, another heist occurred at Rimin Auzunawa on BUK road.

Victims were robbed home to house.

According to our source, when the attackers left the area, they set up roadblocks and grabbed motorcycles, beating the riders.

“At Rimin Auzunawa, they were too uncontested. Many folks lost their phones and money; others lost their motorcycles. I heard they attacked worshippers.”

The Kano Police Command spokesperson, Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, denied the story, saying the command maintains an outpost within the hospital and no such occurrence was reported.

“It is a rumor spread by swindlers,” Kiyawa remarked. We looked into it, but only one individual had their phone stolen near the hospital.

“In Rimin Auzunawa, only a house was targeted by criminals, who took a motorcycle and were stopped at a checkpoint.”

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