Russia’s hypersonic Zircon cruise missile allegedly been tested

russia's hypersonic zircon cruise missile allegedly been tested
russia’s hypersonic zircon cruise missile allegedly been tested

A senior military official announced on Wednesday that Russia has completed testing of its hypersonic Zircon cruise missile and will deploy it by the end of the year on a new frigate of its Northern Fleet.

TASS news agency said that Alexander Moiseyev, commander of the Northern Fleet, stated that the Admiral Golovko frigate would be the first to be permanently armed with the Zircon.

President Vladimir Putin has hailed the Zircon, which travels at nine times the speed of sound, as part of a new generation of unrivalled weapons systems.

Despite suffering tremendous losses during its three-month conflict in Ukraine, Russia has continued to conduct high-profile missile tests.

The defence ministry announced last week that it had successfully test-fired a Zircon cruise missile from a ship in the Barents Sea to a target in the White Sea some 1,000 kilometres (625 miles) away.

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