Samuel Ortom to run for the North-West Benue senatorial seat

Samuel Ortom to run for the North West North Benue senatorial seat
Samuel Ortom to run for the North West North Benue senatorial seat

Governor Samuel Ortom has put to rest doubts about his next political move by expressing interest in contesting the Benue North-West senatorial seat this weekend.

Senator Emmanuel Orker Jev, according to our source, now holds the position and may seek re-election from his constituents.

Ortom announced his desire to depose incumbent Jev at a gathering with Nzorov people, which included traditional rulers and other leaders, on Saturday.

The governor notified his Nzorov comrades that he had decided to run for Senate in Zone B on the Peoples Democratic Party platform (PDP).

In response, Chief Gwatse Akaahena, the District Head of Nzorov, spoke on behalf of traditional and political authorities, who provided their approval for the governor to seek for the Senate seat.

The traditional ruler was reported in a statement signed by the governor’s spokesperson, Nathaniel Ikyur, as adding that they (kinsmen) are fully behind their son’s bid to not only compete and win the senate seat, but also to ascend to higher places.

Ortom had earlier told his kinsmen in a short address that he had finally come to the conclusion that God had validated his eligibility to run for office and asked whether they agreed with his vision.

Ezekiel Adikpe, the PDP’s Nzorov Council Ward Chairman, addressed for the party on behalf of the Governor’s council ward.

As part of his senatorial campaign, the governor said he will engage with PDP executive members in Guma, his local government area, as well as party stakeholders in Masev, Ihyarev, and the Nongov Development Association, or MINDA.

In addition, representatives from his MINDA political axis would meet with Jemgbagh elders in Zone B senatorial district to solicit their blessings and support for the governor ahead of the senate race.

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