‘Sex Worker’ Caught Stealing Foreigner’s Jewellery, Passport Breaks Silence

'sex worker' caught stealing foreigner's jewellery, passport breaks silence
‘sex worker’ caught stealing foreigner’s jewellery, passport breaks silence

The woman who became famous due to a viral video showing her stealing from a customer has disputed the allegations.

In the viral video, the woman is seen packing her bags to leave the hotel, but the man stops her and says she can’t leave until her belongings are returned.

Video of a man accusing and questioning a woman about his diamond earrings, gold chain, and passport went viral and elicited mixed emotions.

He said she took them as he slept.

The woman claimed at first that she hadn’t taken them, but a thorough examination revealed that she actually did have them on her.

But in a subsequent video, the woman who introduced herself as Ewaomilola Gold clarified that her performance was really a parody.

Gold, Ewatomilola, here. In addition to acting and hosting, I also cover the red carpet. This is a skit in which actors portray various characters. It’s all an illusion. The actress explained that the performance was merely a skit.

Please don’t believe it; it’s not real. No way am I leaving the house ever again. “Oh, come on, that can’t be genuine.

She also shared a previously unseen portion of the original video.

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