Six Northerners Gunned Down In Ondo

Six Northerners Gunned Down In Ondo
Six Northerners Gunned Down In Ondo

Gunmen in the Sabo neighbourhood of Ondo, Ondo State, massacred six individuals of northern descent.

On Wednesday, the victims were laid to rest, while one victim who survived the attack was still getting care at an unnamed facility in the state.

The incident occurred while the state was still in sorrow over the death of over 40 attendees on Sunday at the St. Francis Catholic Church on Owa-luwa Street in the Owo LGA of Ondo State.

The Sarkin Hausawa of Ondo, Alhaji Abdullahi Yusuf, told shauntv that the gunmen rode in on motorbikes around 12:30 a.m. and began fire on unsuspecting roadside vendors.

“They rode motorcycles into our neighbourhood (Sabo), each carrying three armed men. They began killing people, most of whom were suya and tea merchants, without warning.

“The first victim was a transit driver for a J5 bus who had stopped to lunch. They murdered a guard and a merchant who attempted to secure his store and flee the attackers.

“They again murdered two young men who were eating noodles at a mai shayi stand. There are now a total of five victims in Sabo.

“They struck a second time in an area known as Iba, where they shot and killed a second individual,” he added.

Yusuf reported that he alerted the divisional police officer in the area, who ordered a police patrol team to the scene to investigate the situation and remove the deceased to a morgue, while surviving were transported to a hospital.

Yusuf speculated that the incident was a retaliation, as they had lived in the region peacefully for over 60 years prior to the attack on worshippers on Sunday.

The Sarkin Hausawa of Shasha in Akure, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi, stated to shauntv that the Hausa community had no involvement in the Owo incident.

We have lived in harmony with the people of Ondo State for a very long time; we have no issues with them. What would cause us to attack them or their church, given that we are conducting business with them?

“We want them to know that none of our individuals were involved in the attack on the church,” he stated.

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