Snakes bit some Kaduna train attack victims – Negotiator

snakes bit some kaduna train attack victims negotiator
snakes bit some kaduna train attack victims negotiator

Tukur Mamu, a publisher from Kaduna who mediated the release of eleven people kidnapped off a train in March, claims that several of the victims were bitten by snakes.

Monday, he divulged this information in an interview with Kaduna journalists.

According to Mamu, there are a large number of snakes in the area where the hostages are being housed, and those snakes typically come out at night.

“I can confirm that there are several snakes in the forest. As they frequently come at night, a number of them have been bitten by snakes. The afflicted rely solely on local treatment options.”

“As we know, a bite can be life-threatening. Government is the only entity with the means and ability to immediately end this problem. I can promise you that it can be accomplished in a matter of days or weeks if the proper strategy is taken. We have demonstrated this by the release of the eleven victims,” he stated.

He elaborated by stating that a lack of diagnosis and treatment, along with poor diet and sanitation, renders them vulnerable.

Mamu reassured the relatives of the victims that they were not beaten nor sexually abused, but that the conditions in which they are being held are not ideal.

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