Soldiers Gunned down the ISWAP Commanders

soldiers gunned down the iswap commanders
soldiers gunned down the iswap commanders

ISIS has posted a list of commanders of the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) who were killed by soldiers.

In a confrontation that occurred a few weeks ago, Nigerian forces partnered with members of the Multinational Joint Task Force surpassed the militants.

Shauntv stated that the military launched a massive assault against ISWAP rebels in Lake Chad and the Sambisa forest’s outskirts.

More than 3,000 fighters from Abubakar Shekau’s sect of Boko Haram were housed at the insurgents’ camp, which was assaulted by soldiers.

The combatants joined ISWAP after the terrorist outfit assassinated Shekau the previous year.

An intelligence analysis indicates that the forces and terrorists engaged in a fire fight that lasted more than three hours.

According to reports, two terrorist commanders were apprehended by the military.

“Two terrorists have been apprehended alive. During their testimony, they admitted that Abu Ikilima was in charge of the camp’s leadership. “Three Khayds (governors), three Munzul (commanding officers), one Nakib (commander), and numerous more Boko Haram terrorists have been eliminated,” a source added.

The identities of the dead ISWAP leaders were disclosed by ISIS in a video.

They are:

  • Abu Musab al-Yobawi
  • Abu Nu’man al-Amni
  • Abu Abdullah al-Barnawi
  • Abu ‘Ammara al-Barnawi
  • Abu Anas al-I’alami
  • Abdul Malik al-Barnawi
  • Abu Sufyan al-I’alami
  • Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Da’wi
  • Abu Usama Goneri
  • Abu Sa’d al-Ansari
  • Abu Jabbar al-Barnawi
  • Abu Anas al-Barnawi
  • Abu Abdul Rahman al-Katsanawi
  • Abu Maryam al-Gaidami
  • Abu Salman al-Ansari
  • Baka Goneiri
  • Abu Mustafa al-‘Askari
  • Farooq al-Barnawi
  • Abu Ahmad al-I’alami
  • Al-Qassim Al-Barnawi
  • Mustafa al-Barnawi
  • Abbas al-Ansari
  • Musa al-Ansari

The execution of the leaders was reported few days after the organisation was implicated for an attack that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of parishioners at a Catholic church in Owo, Ondo State.

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