Soldiers Kill 4 Terrorist, Rescue Kidnapped Couple In Benue

Soldiers Kill 4 Terrorist, Rescue Kidnapped Couple In Benue
Soldiers Kill 4 Terrorist, Rescue Kidnapped Couple In Benue

Soldiers from Operation Whirl Stroke (OPWS) killed four bandits over the weekend in Benue State’s Kastina-Ala Local Government Area.

Additionally, in a separate operation on Sunday, troops freed two kidnap victims — a man named Jude Orune and his pregnant wife – from their abductors’ hideout in a secluded woodland in the state’s Sengev council ward of Guma LGA.

Shauntv learned from nearby residents that the couple was abducted at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday but were quickly rescued due to a swift distress call to the military nearest to the region.

According to a local, the soldiers chased the robbers, who engaged the army in a gun duel but were finally overcome by the military’ superior firepower, fleeing with their captives.

In a similar vein, residents said that troops stationed in Gbise, Katsina-Ala, met and killed three bandits in the Hundu-Ado hamlet in Mbatyula council ward during a patrol in the region.

Additionally, the troops were reported to have apprehended the fourth bandit during a joint patrol in Waya, Yaaz, and Turan in Kwande Local Government Area of Benue in coordination with their Taraba counterparts near Kashimbila in Takum Local Government Area, a border town between the two states.

According to a military source who requested anonymity, the occurrences occurred, and forces engaged armed bandits and herdsmen in a temporary camp in the impacted regions but were able to control them.

Additionally, the source stated that the military seized one 15-year-old, Yusuf Koriya, alive and handed him over to the police.

Meanwhile, the OPWS Public Relations Officer (PRO), Flying Officer Audu Katty, has not yet commented formally to the occurrences at the time of this report.

Additionally, the Police Spokesperson for Benue Command, DSP Catherine Anene, was unable to confirm the arrest of the bandit due to her phone being shut off.

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