Stop calling Our Men Terrorist Bandits Fulani Women Warn

stop calling our men terrorist bandits fulani women warn
stop calling our men terrorist bandits fulani women warn

Some Fulani women in Kaduna State have expressed their displeasure at the effect of their men being mistaken for others.

Reube Fulbe Global Rights and Development Initiative President Halima Usman Yoman voiced her concern about the incident in Kakura, Kaduna, where vigilantes and troops brutalised Fulanis who were erroneously labelled bandits by vigilantes and military in the area.

Some Fulani men were brutalised by soldiers and Vigilantes who wrongly classified them as bandits two weeks back.

As Yoman put it, such tagging by others made it impossible for their guys to move about the country and form relationships with other people of like minds.

The Fulanis are the ones who are getting the brunt of the criticism, despite the fact that there are armed robbers and thieves in every tribe in Nigeria. “Why is it that, is the Fulanis who are at the receiving end?”

“So, are we Nigerians pleading for help?” We want to find out. As Nigerians, the government should come to our aid so that we can enjoy the same level of freedom as other Nigerians in this country,” she remarked.

Also in Kaduna, she reported that the grazing reserves of Kachia and Kagarko were raided by thugs who stole the cows belonging to the Fulanis.

Yoman added that while they were aware of the cows’ current position, they would want the assistance of security services in order to retrieve them.

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