Suspect herders assault a farmer in an Ebonyi community

suspect herders assault a farmer in an ebonyi community
suspect herders assault a farmer in an ebonyi community

Armed men suspected of being Fulani herders severely attacked Okeke Nkemjika, a farmer in Ebonyi State.

On Sunday, May 23, the tragedy occurred at the Amaeze hamlet in the Ivo Local Government Area of the state.

The guy was attacked while working as a caretaker on a palm farm in his town.

Okeke is rumoured to have originated from the neighbouring Lol opa community in Ab?a State, but he resided in the community.

Egwu Chibueze, a community source, stated that the suspected herdsmen had terrorised the neighbourhood for some time.

Prior to the incident, Egwu stated that approximately five accused herdsmen had been sighted near the community’s quarry during the night.

“I received a call from the security officer at the Yitter Quarry at the former Setraco site in Umbro Ajanyim early this morning,” he explained.

“As he went around the company at night, he said that he had observed five herders carrying riffles and matchets moving along the farm area.

Egwu stated that he mobilised the youngsters and the police to seek for the purported herdsmen.

He stated that when they were on their way to the plant, they encountered two farm boys carrying palm nuts, who informed him that they had just seen the men enter the village.

According to the informant, as the men approached their last known location, they began running and firing into the air to frighten the people away.

According to him, the men encountered Nkemjika in a palm grove and attacked him with their matchets.

“When we arrived, we discovered that the herders had attacked two men who had come to carry palm nuts from the property, and they had slaughtered Mr. Okeke Nkemjika, the farm settlement keeper from Lokpa,” he said.

“Upon seeing what they had done to the man, we split into two groups. To save the man’s life, I accompanied three police officers in one of their vans to a hospital in Awgu (a nearby town in the state of Enugu) so that we could transport him there.”

The sufferer, who had severe matchet cut injuries to his back and arm, is being treated in the hospital.

Onyebuchi Ogbadu, chairman of the Council, confirmed the incident and stated that there is no evidence that the attackers are herdsmen because none of them have been caught.

“Yes, the incident did occur. The individual is receiving treatment at the hospital, and we pray for his survival. Until the inquiry is complete, however, there is no evidence that the attackers are herders,” he continued.

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