Suspected Fulani militia kill three women, two men in Plateau

suspected fulani militia kill three women two men in plateau
suspected fulani militia kill three women two men in plateau

Five people were killed by gunmen believed to be Fulani militia in Plateau State’s Bassa Local Government Area.

The attack took place about 7:57 p.m. on Monday, March 28 at Mararaban Tipper near Nzhwerenvi hamlet and Kpara near Kpatenvie (Jebbu Miango) Community.

At Mararaban Tipper, three ladies were killed, while one male was killed in Kpara village.

The second man was ambushed on Gero Road near the Tin Mining Site and taken to the hospital, where he died later.

Three persons were injured by gunshots and are currently being treated in a hospital. A bus was set on fire, and bikes were taken away.

Talatu Benson, 45 years old, Talatu Danladi, 33 years old, Mama Danladi, 15 years old, James Yah, 42 years old, and Adamu Amedi were slain, while Godiya Danladi, Redzie I’ve, and Alheri Danladi were injured.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, Prince Robert Ashi, the National President of the Irigwe Development Association (IDA), claimed during a press conference last week that Fulani herdsmen had invaded the community’s farmlands and destroyed farms and harvests worth N500 million.

Mr Bathlomen Onyeka, the State Commissioner of Police, called the Irigwe and Fulani to a meeting on Monday and emphasized the importance of peaceful cohabitation.

According to a police source close to the meeting, both the Irigwe and the Fulani decided to embrace peace and carry out their legal responsibilities peacefully.

In a statement issued by its Publicity Secretary, Mr Davidson Malison, the Irigwe Development Association (IDA) said the attack happened at 7:57 p.m., just hours after the peace meeting.

Prince Ashi, the IDA’s National President, told the publication that the attack came as a shock, given the early peace meeting organized by the state commissioner of police on Monday in response to herders’ allegations that their cows were being poisoned.

“They claimed that their animals ate poison on our farms and perished, but I told them that they were not allowed to bring their cows to graze on farmland.” During the dry season, I’m aware that farmers use rat poison to keep rodents from ruining their crops.” Ashi remarked.

However, Mallam Nura Mohammad, the State Chairman of the Miyetti Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN), reported that poison had killed 33 cows in the area recently, and that fields where cattle were grazing had been poisoned.

Mohammad, who refuted the claim that cows have encroached on fields, noted that the Irigwes do not engage in dry-season farming, which would allow cows to reach their territory.

According to him, ranchers in the area have been told to migrate to another area in order to avoid losing their animals.

Meanwhile, the Rigwe Traditional Council has denounced the regrettable attack by suspected Fulani militants on Rigwe property.

The interim President of the Bassa Traditional Council, HRH Rev Ronku Aka (Rtd), and the Paramount Ruler of the Rigwe Nation, Brra Nggwe Rigwe, made the condemnation in response to the horrible massacre of his people.

The invasion, according to the paramount monarch, was part of an ongoing strategy and plot by the enemies to wipe out the entire Rigwe ethnic nationality.

He claimed that the council has been working around the clock to put an end to the terror that has been unleashed on the country, but that the enemies have continued to pursue their big plan of scattering the nation with their vile crimes.

Prior to the invasion, the paramount remarked angrily, unquantifiable devastation of farmcrops had occurred in the land as part of the enemies’ attempt to reduce the country to abject poverty.

“Even when the Rigwe People have showed willingness to be peaceful and lawful, the Fulani Herdsmen have always displayed a mentality that is not peaceful in nature,” he said.

“The Fulani People should allow peace to prevail and ensure that the various committees trying to restore peace do their task so that peace that is not “hurried” can be restored forever,”

He went on to say that the Council is furious and condemns the attack in the strongest possible terms, and that the culprits should be apprehended as soon as possible by government and security officials and made to face the full force of the law.

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