Terrorist Bandits Gun Down 15 Farmers In Katsina

Terrorist Bandits Gun Down 15 Farmers In Katsina
Terrorist Bandits Gun Down 15 Farmers In Katsina

Tuesday, at least 15 farmers were reportedly slain when bandits attacked the village of Gakurdi in Jibia Local Government Area, Katsina State.

This news comes hours after Boko Haram militants massacred around 40 farmers in Borno State.

A local told journalists that the Katsina assault victims were killed while preparing their farms for the upcoming rainy season.

According to him, the four-motorcycled bandits were first headed for Gakurdi village. According to him, when they spotted the farmers, they began firing.

“They arrived at 8:30 this morning (Tuesday) on four motorcycles and began killing people. Three were slain on the same farm, and it was later determined that up to fifteen were killed on separate farms,” he claimed.

The attackers had fled the area by the time the people realised what was happening, he added.

In a related incident, more than 100 cows were stolen by robbers in Danye Gaba village, Bugaje ward, Jibia LGA.

Two kilometres separate the Katsina settlement of Danne Gaba from the 17 brigade, a military barracks.

Tuesday at approximately 1:30 a.m., cows belonging to approximately seven individuals were stolen by cattle rustlers, according to an anonymous local resident.

He claimed that the movement of the offenders was known about Monday evening at eight o’clock and that various security agencies were warned, but no preventive measures were taken until the robbery occurred.

However, another resident who confirmed the occurrence stated that there was an exchange of gunfire between the attackers and security personnel.

SP Gambo Isah, the police spokesman in Katsina, stated in response to a request for confirmation, “Right now, we are there with the CP to assess the situation.”

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