‘There Is Nothing Like Unknown Gunmen In Southeast’

‘There Is Nothing Like Unknown Gunmen In Southeast’
‘There Is Nothing Like Unknown Gunmen In Southeast’

Ilyasu Gadu, a political analyst and member of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), stated that “unknown gunmen” inflicting devastation in the Southeast are unparalleled.

He made the claim while speaking on Trust TV’s political programme on Tuesday night.

In the Southeast, gunmen have been attacking government facilities and employees, particularly security officers, for some time, but the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), which the government blames, has constantly denied involvement in the violence.

Gadu, a senate candidate for the PRP in Taraba South, argued that it is difficult for someone to perpetuate wickedness in the Southeast without being identified, given that Igbo culture permits community members to know one another.

He stated, “I concur that the government’s response to the violence and insecurity around the nation has been abhorrent.

“Before assuming office, one of this government’s guiding principles was to combat instability, but the situation has deteriorated beyond what we were accustomed to, and all we hear are excuses.

“These occurrences occur periodically throughout Nigeria, and there has been neither a solution nor an attempt to stop them. However, this should not lead us to conclude that this violence is perpetrated by unknown parties.

“There is no way that people won’t know if you continue to do these things frequently.

“Initially, you must have a staging area, training, deployment, and everything else.

“These activities require the knowledge of one, two, three, four, or five individuals. Now that these facts are recognised, it has become known.”

Gadu remarked that Nigerians have politicised violence, adding that it has become a tool of political involvement, leaving the security authorities perplexed.

“These actions are permitted due of political correctness. He bemoaned, “You don’t want to tackle it because you believe it would harm your political fortune.”

He cautioned that Nigeria must break out of the circle of denial and urged the government to take action.

‘IPOB not responsible’
On the other hand, Katchu Ononuju, an advocate for the Southeast presidency, stated that the federal government is to blame for what is occurring in the Southeast and Nigeria in general.

He stated, “Who do I most blame? It is President (Muhammadu) Buhari and his implementation of nepotism as a state policy.

“We do not know who attacked the state, burned police stations, and committed the murders.

“The Nigerian administration took exception at the British government’s announcement that it would grant asylum to Nigerian government opponents.

“Within two weeks after that was completed, violence erupted everywhere.

“When the organisation [IPOB] stated that they were not guilty for the violence, the government stated that they were to blame, and I am aware that the organisation has already crumbled.

“We are dealing with a profoundly dishonest government. If IPOB stated “we didn’t do it,” I must now decide whether to believe them.

He bemoaned the fact that over 200 violent acts had occurred in the Southeast with no prosecutions to far.

Ononuju stated, “I abhor the killings, but I cannot identify the perpetrators.

“I shall adhere to Abacha’s statement, ‘If it lasts a week, the government knows about it.’ Why are there no prosecutions?”

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