Three Benue Residents Gunned Down In Fresh Attack

Three Benue Residents Gunned Down In Fresh Attack
Three Benue Residents Gunned Down In Fresh Attack

Three Benue Residents Gunned Down In Fresh Attack in an incident in Benue State’s Gwer West Local Government Area’s Naka town.

The incident came only 24 hours after a Deeper Life Pastor and three other people were slain in the state’s Guma LGA.

According to our source, Naka, a rural commercial town and the headquarters of the Gwer West LGA, has been hosting displaced individuals from nearby communities.

According to witnesses, the latest attack on the town occurred about 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

Following the sound of loud gunfire outside the Comprehensive College in Naka, residents began running in different directions, according to a resident.

The assailants, who were dressed in military attire, allegedly killed three persons on the spot before being resisted, according to the residents.

Mrs Grace Igbabon, the chairman of Gwer West, told media that the assailants were on motorcycles.

“On Tuesday evening, several armed guys arrived and assaulted a suburb area in Naka town. They were dressed in military fatigues and riding motorbikes, and the whole thing is perplexing.”

“The attack on Naka, which is near to the state capital, goes a long way to prove that Makurdi is not safe; they attacked Adaka, which is a suburb of the state capital, at one point.”

“Three persons, two old men and one young man, were killed in the process.” There were a lot of gunshots, and people were fleeing all over the place.

“I’ve reported the situation to the police and the Governor’s security adviser, and I’ve also provided him images of the dead,” Igbabon added.

When contacted, Mohammed Risku, the State Chairman of the Myetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN), stated he was unaware of the occurrence and that he had just finished a meeting with the security adviser.

Meanwhile, Chief Daniel Abomtse, the traditional leader of the Ter Nagi local government, informed newsmen in Makurdi that three of his subjects had been ruthlessly slaughtered by the intruders.

“They (attackers) came from the Nasarawa axis yesterday, knowing full well that there is Operation Whirl Stroke (OPWS) in Agagbe, so they intruded Agagbe in their movement on the south western direction and another portion of Nagi settlement area and burst out at a surburb of Naka called Goh, then they maintained a bush path known as Anyim road and parked their motorcycles within 200 meters from the town because I went and

“They instantly blocked the Adawa road, which connects Mbabwaande to Naka, and stopped a young guy transporting a lady on a motorcycle.” He was shot from the umbilical chord, and the bullets penetrated his back, killing him. Martha Ukange and Tersoo Yasough, two little girls, were slain.

“They then proceeded to the route between Naka and Agagbe, where they butchered an Octogenarian named Ahemba Apeale and took his tongue and other sensitive body parts.” They then departed the region, returning to Nasarawa State, where they had come from. So they killed three individuals, and others are still missing, and we’re still looking for them,” the royal father explained.

SP Catherine Anene, a Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), said our correspondent she was on her way to work and would comment on the event later, but she has yet to do so as of the time this report was submitted.

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