Three Soldiers, Several Bandits Killed in Ambush in Zamfara

three soldiers, several bandits killed in ambush in zamfara
three soldiers, several bandits killed in ambush in zamfara

Three soldiers were killed on Wednesday when bandits ambushed them in the Bungudu Local Government Area of Zamfara State

According to locals, the troops were on their way to defend the communities of Fanda-Haki, Yar Katsina, and Karrakkai from an attack by armed individuals when they were attacked.

A local named Hussaini Ali explained that the soldiers had been warned of an impending attack on the communities and had decided to move there to avert the attack, but that while they were in transit, their vehicles came under fire from the armed criminals.

Residents, however, claimed that soldiers engaged the attackers and killed some of them, before driving them back with heavy fire.

Bingi neighbourhood normally has its market on Thursdays, but vendors and shoppers have decided to limit their activities in the region out of concern for their safety. This, as Ali pointed out, is due to the fact that the armed men may have been enraged because of the casualties they themselves sustained.

Captain Ibrahim Yahaya, the state military spokesman, did not return calls seeking comment before this story went to press.

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