Train Attack: Resign Or Be Sacked, CSO Tells Service Chiefs

Train Attack: Resign Or Be Sacked, CSO Tells Service Chiefs
Train Attack: Resign Or Be Sacked, CSO Tells Service Chiefs

Due to the country’s weak security architecture, a rights organization named Northern Advocacy for Peace (NAP) has called on the military chiefs to resign or be fired.

The CSO added in a forceful statement signed by Ambassador Khalifa Shuaibu, coordinator of the National Action Plan, that the current attack on a Kaduna-bound train, as well as previous kidnapping incidents, demonstrate that the service chiefs must go.

“The National Action Plan expresses its condolences to the families who have lost loved ones in the incident. We question what went wrong with the country’s intelligence that gunmen were able to operate freely for nearly three hours, killing and torturing passengers and kidnapping others with no reaction from Nigerian security personnel.”

“Two days ago, robbers assaulted the Kaduna International Airport, killing a Nigerian Airspace Management Agency security guard” (NAMA). They made it impossible for a jet destined for Lagos to take off. All security formations in the state are concentrated in Kaduna.

“This is a cause for concern.” Nigerians are always at risk of terrorist assaults in their own homes. Nigerians are currently unable to travel by road, train, or air due to the assaults. Terrorists have abducted or burned travelers in their automobiles on several occasions. Terrorists are bringing the country to a halt.

“It’s distressing to see how these people’s opponents are becoming more powerful by the day. The bandits are growing bolder and more audacious. These country’s bloodthirsty foes have no respect for human life. They are unfit for a civilized society and must be defeated.

“The security situation is deteriorating rapidly. Given the way bandits operate in the nation, the military will be unable to safeguard lives, property, or the country’s sovereignty.

“In light of these and previous attacks, both reported and unreported, we have no choice but to demand the immediate resignation of the Chief of Defense Staff, Chief of Army Staff, and Chief of Defence Intelligence.”

“In the event that the aforementioned security officials refuse to quit, we urge President Muhammadu Buhari to dismiss them immediately.”

The group also asked for the chiefs of Defence Intelligence and other associated intelligence gathering security forces to be disbanded and thoroughly investigated for failing to perform their jobs.

“We are aware that President Buhari has purchased a sufficient amount of modern and advanced weaponry and other military gear, which, if correctly deployed, will aid in the battle against terrorism.” This failure is due to a lack of cooperation between the CDS and the intelligence apparatus, which resulted in the deaths of many Nigerians. These assaults can be avoided.

“The military has failed to justify the billions of Naira invested in security through personnel welfare and military hardware. For the sake of Nigerians’ safety, the existing security officials should resign or be fired. This is a direct response to the military’s inability to address the country’s security concerns,” the organization claimed.

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