Troops of Operation Whirl Stroke killed four bandits In Benue

troops of operation whirl stroke killed four bandits in benue
troops of operation whirl stroke killed four bandits in benue

At least four of the bandits were killed by troops from Benue’s Operation Whirl Stroke (OPWS), a special task team.

Some of the bandits operating in Benue State’s Kastina-Ala Local Government Area have been killed.

Confirming the event, Alfred Atera, Chairman of Kastina-Ala LGA, informed our correspondent that the bandits’ commander, Terna Gide, had threatened to destroy communities in the area if his men were killed.

“Following the raid on Tse-Keji camp yesterday (Tuesday) by the troops of OPWS during which four of the bandits were slain, their camp was burned, and charms were packed,” Terna Gide stated.

“As of this morning (Wednesday), he (Terna) called and threatened to do more than what was damaged in his camp. To make the threat, he dialled one of the volunteer guards’ phone numbers.”

In addition, a military source who did not want his name used in public told our correspondent that the OPWS personnel conducted an exercise in the targeted region and killed four bandits in benue

“Yesterday (Tuesday), our forces stationed in Gbise under Kastina-Ala were executing their routine clearance tour till they came across bandits at Tse – Keji, there was an exchange of fire but our troops subdued them,” the source added.

“As a result, the armed robbers ran into the jungle in chaos, but our forces pursued them and neutralised four criminals.” A search was performed in the surrounding region, and troops set fire to their tent.

“We were able to collect the following stuff from the bandits: 9 rounds of 7.6mm special, one barrel of dane gun, two motorbikes, cellphones, bags of Indian hemps, and N57,390 in cash, as well as enormous variety charms.” The survivors are fleeing, but we are on top of our game.”

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