Two armed robbers are arrested after they attacked Kano-bound passengers

two armed robbers are arrested after they attacked kano bound passengers
two armed robbers are arrested after they attacked kano bound passengers

Officials from the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad have apprehended two alleged armed robbers who were part of a 10-man gang that ambushed and looted a Kano-bound 18-seater bus near Otedola Bridge after it developed a flat tyre.

Afolabi Ayomide (22) and Ezekiel Nwagu (21) were apprehended in an unfinished construction near the Otedola Bridge.

On Saturday, the suspects, together with roughly eight others, robbed passengers aboard a Kano-bound hummer bus that suffered a flat tyre while traveling to Ojodu – Berger.

The bus parked near Otedola bridge after one of the passengers saw it had a flat tyre, according to one of the passengers who wishes to remain nameless. Around 11:00 p.m., they were in the middle of replacing the tyre when two young men came to inspect them.

They observed the two young males with around eight others armed with knives shortly after that. They took some of the passengers’ belongings and fled the area.

When the RRS Decoy Team learned of the event, they raided the location and detained two of the suspects, who were confirmed by the passengers to be part of the group that attacked them.

Meanwhile, the Decoy Team detained 35 individuals in a blackspot raid in Ojota, Ketu, Ikosi, Ojodu – Berger, and certain portions of Agege over the weekend. Those who were screened out after the arrest are not included in the number.

The raid, which began on Tuesday last week and ended early Sunday morning, was ordered by the Commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS).

The 35 suspects have been charged in court, along with the two robbers.

Godwin Christopher (30), Adewole Moses (23), Usman Hassan (19), Taofiq Raimi (31), Fuhad Bashiru (19), Christopher Alo (32), and Oluwasegun Oladipupo (32) are only a few of the suspects.

CSP Olayinka Egbeyemi had commanded the Decoy Team to continue the raid till the level of crime in the state decreased early Saturday morning, while screening some of the suspects.

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