Two suspects arrested for attempting to sell dead cow in Kogi market

two suspects arrested for attempting to sell dead cow in kogi market
two suspects arrested for attempting to sell dead cow in kogi market

There were two people arrested by the Kogi State Command of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) for trying to sell a dead cow.

Veterinary physicians and NSCDC Agro Ranger unit men apprehended the suspects, identified as 26-year-old Omachi Yakubu and 32-year-old Salisu Abalaka.

During a press conference on Thursday, August 10 in Lokoja, the Kogi State Commandant of the NSCDC, Oyinloye John Kayode, revealed the news. He said the veterinary doctors had deemed the cow unfit for human consumption.

Kayode stated that his officers and men acted on a tip and arrested the culprits.

He lamented that the two suspects “very unfortunately” tried to sell a dead cow, the cause of death of which was unknown.

Agro Ranger section of the Command declared it as unfit, therefore chemicals were used to destroy it and keep it away from the innocent population. “We assumed that the suspects picked the dead cow from where it was probably thrown, with the attempt to resell to meat dealers at Felele Abbatoir.

The people, he said, should be careful about the meat they buy at the supermarket, lest they end up poisoned.

The commander also urged the general people to alert the proper authorities if they become aware of any cases of potentially unfit meat for human consumption.

He assured me that the incident’s suspects would be charged and brought to justice as soon as the inquiry was completed.

CSC Bayode Emmanuel, Commander of the NSCDC Agro Ranger, also addressed the media, promising that the organisation will work to prevent the sale of any unsafe or hazardous agricultural products.

The Agro Ranger team of the NSCDC and the Veterinary Department of the Ministry worked in tandem to track down the criminals, which was lauded by both the head of the Felele meat Inspection Team, Dr. Ocholi Obaje, and the Area Veterinary Officer, Lokoja, Dr. Musa Gomina Mohammed.

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