U.S Citizen Arrested With Firearms At Lagos Airport

U.S Citizen Arrested With Firearms At Lagos Airport
U.S Citizen Arrested With Firearms At Lagos Airport

An American citizen in possession of guns was apprehended at Lagos’ Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA).

The male traveler (name withheld) arrived in the nation on a United Airlines aircraft from Houston, which landed at 10:10 a.m.

The passenger was reported to have checked in the guns without disclosing them, as required by international firearms transport legislation.

The weaponry, which included a pistol, a Barretta, and 26 rounds of 9mm ammo, were discovered in his baggage.

The traveller was also alleged to have two foreign passports, one Nigerian and one American.

According to an airport source, the American citizen did not disclose the guns at the airport.

Another source told our correspondent that the passenger had certain documentation from the United States that enabled him to carry guns, but the legitimacy of the papers could not be confirmed.

At the time of reporting this story, the traveller was still being questioned at the airport’s immigration office.

“Officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service really stopped the traveler carrying the guns during screening,” the source claimed. The passenger is being questioned by service personnel and will be turned over to the appropriate authorities after being questioned.

“In addition, we learned that the passenger with dual citizenship has the US Government’s permission to carry guns, but that this should have been disclosed at the port of entry, which he did not do.” We have yet to check the paperwork he is holding.”

According to a statement issued by the Service headquarters, the Lagos Airport Comptroller, CIS Kemi Nandap, indicated that the Service got solid intelligence that the passenger boarded the plane in Houston while concealing a handgun in his luggage.

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