We did well with limited resources, Nigerians are forgetful – Buhari

We did well with limited resources, Nigerians are forgetful - Buhari
We did well with limited resources, Nigerians are forgetful – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari claims that his administration has performed admirably despite inadequate resources.

The president made the remarks during the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting on Wednesday in Abuja.

He claimed that before his administration arrived, terrorists controlled several local government regions and the South South, which now enjoys relative stability, was tense.

“I’d prefer us to consider the scenario before we arrived.” How many Local Government Areas in the North-East were under terrorist control? We all know what the situation was in the South-South; today we have relative tranquilly. We performed admirably given the resources at our disposal.

“People are notoriously forgetful. Our primary issue right now is in the North West and North Central. Why are people killing each other in these places? We’re going to be harsh.”

The President also warned against imposition within the ruling party, claiming that such dictatorial tendencies have cost the APC some seats.

He urged party members to follow due process in all party processes and to create additional anti-corruption tools.

“I implore you all to follow due process in all party processes and, more importantly, to develop more anti-corruption mechanisms.”

“I urge all party members to follow all existing laws, rules, and regulations, and I urge our party’s leaders to avoid imposing candidates who cannot win popular elections.”

“In the past, this authoritarian style cost us several crucial seats.” Because of the unduly repressive actions of party officials at the state level in the past, some of our strong members have regretfully chosen to move elsewhere.

“I must strongly warn against any tendency to develop cliques or infighting within the party.”

“We want to win well, not succumb to factions based on personal grievances and a desire to maintain control at all costs.” That is not the way to victory,” he said.

The president also instructed new members of the National Working Committee (NWC), which had been handed NEC powers for a time, to seek to keep the party together by making greater room for talks.

On the upcoming general elections in 2023, Buhari encouraged party members to be extra cautious of the mistakes that led to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDPdemise )’s in 2015.

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