Nigeria’s Inclusion In US Religious Violation Watchlist Was Due To IPOB Propaganda

nigeria's inclusion in us religious violation watchlist was due to ipob propaganda
nigeria’s inclusion in us religious violation watchlist was due to ipob propaganda

Nigeria was added to the list of nations of concern for religious violations in December 2020, according to the Presidency, as a consequence of a well-funded media campaign by the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other extremist organisations.

Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, said in a piece published on Friday titled “What Biden’s Removal of Nigeria from Religious Violation Watchlist Means,” that President Muhammadu Buhari was satisfied with the decision by the United States to remove the country from the list.

“The sad and uncalled for ban” came after a year of lies by some extremist groups, as well as the banned terrorist organization, Indigenous People of Biafra, and its well-funded international media campaign, according to Shehu, who recalled that Nigeria was included in December 2020 following Donald Trump’s defeat in the United States. Shehu also recalled that Nigeria was included in December 2020 following Trump’s defeat in the United States.
According to him, the inclusion of Nigeria on the database of nations of concern for religious freedom violations has made the war against terrorists in the Sahel area more difficult.

He said that the removal of Nigeria off the blacklist of religious violators in the run-up to the arrival of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was a victory of diplomacy and sagacity against hate-driven foreign policy based on false propaganda.

On the topic, he cited the US Secretary of State as stating that the Joe Biden administration’s decision was “based on facts.”

With the removal of this egregious listing, ties between the United States and Nigeria have been restored, and we can now work together to find solutions to other pressing issues, including as the battle against terrorists operating across the Sahel area.

“This work was made more difficult by the decision, which has since been overturned. To that end, the current government looks forward to cooperating with the Biden administration on issues that are vital to our friendly countries, both bilaterally and multilaterally,” he said.

“Their goal was to establish a rift between the two major faiths in order to gain political benefit, and to prove true their false statements that Muslims and Christians could not live side by side in love and peace without boundaries if their maliciousness was the source of religious tension.”

In response to claims that Nigeria lacks religious freedom, he said that “a visit to any metropolis would reveal an abundance of posters for religious organisations, both Muslim and Christian.” Nigerians are known for wearing their beliefs on their sleeve.”

“This is not to argue that there aren’t any tensions in the air. There are, as the President and others who work in his administration are well aware. And they are being addressed: for example, the current administration is the first government since independence to develop a strategy to handle farmer-herder disputes. Today, that strategy is proving successful. A large number of states are taking the lead in implementing it since they, rather than the federal government, own land.”

He stated that the military was engaged in combating terrorists in the North East who were hiding in remote forests and across international borders. He further stated that all arms of the military and paramilitary agencies had been given permission to recruit additional men, and that the procurement of military hardware had been stepped up.

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