Nnamdi Kanu’s Brother Suspends Sit-At-Home Order

nnamdi kanu’s brother suspends sit at home order
nnamdi kanu’s brother suspends sit at home order

An Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) sit-at-home scheduled to begin on Monday has been suspended by Kanunta Kanu, the younger brother of IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu.

According to a statement released on Sunday by IPOB’s Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, and made available to journalists in Anambra State, Monday’s sit-at-home order remains intact.

Kanunta Kanu had said in his statement that he had ordered the suspension of the sit-at-home exams due to the just started National Examination Council (NECO) examinations for junior secondary schools.

Later, he said, the start of the sit-at-home order would be announced.

Nnamdi Kanu’s Brother Suspends Sit-At-Home Order

In what appeared to be in solidarity with its detained leader, Nnamdi Kanu, the pro-Biafra group ordered a sit-at-home on every Monday in Igbo land starting from August 9 until his trial ended.

In a statement, the IPOB leader’s younger brother stated that the group decided to suspend the sit-at-home after hearing pleas from well-meaning individuals and groups within and outside South East that the order be lifted so that students could take NECO.

It was based on the pleas from well-meaning individuals and groups in and outside Biafra land that we consider the fate of our children who will be taking the NECO Exam that we decided to change grounds over the sit-at-home order,” read the statement.

IPOB, realizing the academic deprivation South East students entering for the NECO would suffer due to the sit-at-home order, decided to suspend it to a later date, to allow the students to take the exams.

Likewise, Kanu stated that allowing the sit-at-home to go ahead as announced, just before NECO, amounted to assisting enemies of the South-East to further harm her children.

The group fighting for the liberation of her people from oppression by her enemies realized it would be assisting these enemies to inflict more harm on our children if we did not suspend the sit-at-home order.

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