Nnamdi Kanu’s release is a priority for us – Ike Ekweremadu

nnamdi kanu's release is a priority for us ike ekweremadu
nnamdi kanu’s release is a priority for us ike ekweremadu

Ike Ekweremadu, a former Senate Deputy President, has urged Igbo in the diaspora to speak out against violent agitations while pledging his support for the release of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader Nnamdi Kanu (IPOB)

It’s been nearly three months since Nigeria’s Secret Police, the DSS, arrested and secretly transported to Nigeria Nnamdi Kanu.

The South East Caucus of the National Assembly, which he leads, gave assurances that it was actively working to defuse tension in the south east and blamed agitations in various parts of the country on a flawed federal system, injustice, poor management of the nation’s diversity, failure of the federal government to secure lives and property, and needless clampdown on self-determination, according to a statement signed by his media adviser, Uche Anichukwu.

Ekweremadu gave a virtual lecture titled “The Igbo in Diaspora: A Perspective” at the Igbo Heritage Lectures and Ugwumba Excellence Award event in Pretoria, South Africa on Sunday evening, October 10th.

These inequities and exclusions must be rectified.” Since a last resort, we must guarantee Igbo land’s stability, as only then can Alaigbo (Igbo land) thrive economically and get sympathy and support from the local and international communities for their plights.

In the last several months, strange, ‘un-Igbo,’ and sacrilegious things have occurred in Alaigbo. Our area has had to deal with devastation, loss of human life, and economic hardship. The sit-at-home policy has disproportionately harmed Igbo people and the local economy, therefore it’s encouraging to hear the IPOB say they’re no longer interested in it. War should never be welcomed into the house of a wise man. Our economy relies on industry, trade, and the unorganized sector to generate wealth for our people. The majority of them are able to get by on their little daily wages.

“Thus, although we are free to use whatever legal and democratic methods to seek justice and fairness, we must all act together to condemn and put a stop to violence, no matter where it comes from.” -J.S.

Ndigbo in South Africa, in particular, are urged to join the fray of violence in Igboland and assist in bringing things back to normal. Nigerians back home are looking to the diaspora to lead the fight against violence and instability in the area, since challenges to Igbo companies, peace, security, and stability in the South-East are threats to our very survival as Ndigbo,” he said.

According to him, the Igbo in diaspora are well-positioned to raise the intellectual substance of the Igbo fight for justice and equality because they have significant exposure to liberal and progressive democratic principles and access to international resources.

Igbo sons and daughters are being detained in different correctional centers all across the nation, problems of clampdown on unarmed demonstrators, and the challenge of extra-judicial murders in Igbo land without resorting to violent agitations, how can we effectively handle these concerns?”

“Let me also tell you that the South East Caucus of the National Assembly is not resting on its oars,” Ekweremadu stated in reference to Nnamdi Kanu. To address these problems, including finding a political solution for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we are quietly and steadily working.

This is something that we’ve done previously with Chief Raph Uwazuruike back in 2007. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s case was a similar one in 2017, and we used the same approach. Our efforts to promote peace and stability in our area will be successful if God willing and with your help and prayers.

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