No one has a monopoly on Nigeria’s leadership – Tambuwal

no one has a monopoly on nigeria's leadership tambuwal
no one has a monopoly on nigeria’s leadership tambuwal

Sokoto State Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has said that no one group, regardless of religious affiliation or ethnicity, has the right to assume control of Nigeria.

During his meeting with the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Ayokunle Samson Olasupo, in the Council Chamber of Government House, Sokoto, Tambuwal made the remark.

Nigeria belongs to every Nigerian, says Tambuwal, and no one will send anybody else out of the nation, therefore the country’s leaders must work together for its development.

Because of this, he emphasized that the type of leadership the nation needs is one that understands and is inclusive in its approach to government, without ethnic or religious emotions, without understanding.

While noting that Islam and Christianity have coexisted since before the country was united, Tambuwal also noted that “those who know history said Christianity and Islam belong to the same root,” emphasizing that “Jerusalem and Damascus” were examples of places where the two religions are practiced together.

If we follow God’s instructions, he added, “there would be no friction or cause for us to fight one another” if we follow the true teachings of Islam and Christianity as they are intended to be practiced.

According to him, Sokoto state is home to all Nigerians regardless of religious, tribal, or ethnic divides. He also praised the Sultan of Sokoto Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar and the CAN President for their efforts to promote peace and unity in the nation.

All children of other Nigerians living in the state who attend public schools are exempt from paying school fees, just as the state’s natives are.

Tambuwal further said that the Zakkat and Waqaf Commission of the State government picks the medical bills of impoverished Nigerians living in the state alongside those of the less fortunate state indigenes in accordance with this education strategy.

President Olasupo of the Nigerian Action Network (CAN) said that he was in the state to meet with officials from the Sultanate, the government, and the people of Sokoto state in order to find solutions to the country’s security problems.

Olasupo offered condolences to the people of the state for the deaths that had been caused by bandit assaults in a few towns in the state, calling for Muslims and Christians to live in peace.

He thanked the state administration for the enormous strides it has made in ensuring the safety of the citizens of the state.

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