Nuhu Ribadu denies accusing Buhari and others of sponsoring bandits

nuhu ribadu denies accusing buhari and others of sponsoring bandits
nuhu ribadu denies accusing buhari and others of sponsoring bandits

Nuhu Ribadu, the first head of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has denied accusing President Buhari and others of supporting banditry in the nation.

Alleging that social media is causing ethnic and religious strife, the former EFCC chairman called on the federal government to step in since ordinary people lack the resources to do so.

During a press conference in Abuja, Ribadu made the statement and described how he had repeatedly rejected false charges leveled against him.

He said that:

“July 2019 was the first time I came to know about it, and I came out with a very strong denial, saying that it was a fabrication and had no basis.

“It was a piece of rubbish with very bad grammar and factual destruction, but indeed very damaging. I reacted very strongly after that. It didn’t stop and I was forced again to issue a statement denying it.

“I thought that would have been the end of it, but not long afterwards, it started coming back again and I’m worried and concerned.

“I want to again deny in the strongest terms and send a message to everybody to disregard the statements. It is not fair; it is not just. It is very sinful for you to create something from nowhere and attribute it to an innocent person who doesn’t know anything about it. I have nothing to do with that message.

“This is my strongest denial. Everybody should please disregard the statement. It is not from me; it is not true. Social media is, today, partly responsible for what is going on in our country by trying to promote things that are not true and creating division based on religion and ethnicity, among other things.

“They are not being fair to us, and I think the government has a duty and a responsibility to take action; nobody else can do it. As private citizens, we have limited capacity to take action; government has to.”

According to the former EFCC Chairman, firms like Facebook and Twitter need to do more to combat false news, as he doesn’t understand why they would let a harmful remark about someone spread without doing something about it.

Ribadu continued;

“Social media companies also have a role to play, I don’t see any reason why Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will allow such a damaging statement to go out against somebody without stopping it.

“Even though I had denied it and so many persons in the same situation did, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter still allowed it to be moving around from one platform to the other.

“I am a believer of freedom of expression; a strong and a firm believer in the ability of people to be free. But at the same time, be responsible. If it is going to cause harm to others, then you lose that freedom.

“I am a victim, and I don’t know why people are doing it. It’s as if I’m a target of something which I don’t know. But I have really suffered because of it; I have a couple of friends and colleagues who also went through the same thing.”
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