Obaseki grills 818 nominees as he moves to inaugurate his cabinet

obaseki grills 818 nominees as he moves to inaugurate his cabinet
obaseki grills 818 nominees as he moves to inaugurate his cabinet

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State set up a committee to scrutinise those who will make up his cabinet and screened 818 nominees.

Since he was sworn in for a second term in November, Obasaki has run the state without a cabinet.

He presented a list of potential cabinet members on Friday in Benin City, the state capital, after he inaugurated a 15-member screening committee to screen applicants.

As part of his response, Obaseki expressed gratitude for the committee’s great work within the three-week timeframe.

As a political elite in Edo, he believes they have a sense of preservation, knowing where the state should be rather than where they’re going to be.

“There must be a clear delineation between political and technical roles in government.”

“Government political appointments are different from civil service functions and should not be confused.

“Politicians based their agendas on the mandates given to them by the electorate.”.

According to him, government officials come to offices to give direction while civil servants work on their daily duties in harmony.

OBASEKI urged the state’s people to put their interests first and participate in their communities’ activities, as well as support the administration’s development agendas.

“Appointees must fulfill their responsibilities and fulfill their duties since they will be evaluated based on their performance.

“Our party strives to ensure that we carry everyone along. ”We must fulfill our electioneering promises in order to win the hearts of our people, and ensure that our party continues to serve Edo people,” he said.

The Chairman of the screening Committee, Prof. Dennis Agbonlahor, stated earlier that the screening committee examined and screened 129 commissioner nominees, 113 Senior Special Assistants (SSAs) and 576 Special Assistants (SAs).

Agbonlahor said all political appointees were screened, examined, and rated based on their performance.

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