Officers killed, ‘two majors’ kidnapped as bandits storm Nigerian Defence Academy

Officers killed, 'two majors' kidnapped as bandits storm Nigerian Defence Academy

A naval officer was killed by bandits who invaded the Afaka barracks of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna.

Shauntv is unable to independently verify that the bandits also kidnapped two majors.

It is said that the bandits, who reportedly attacked the barracks at 1am on Tuesday, are still inside the academy.

We were told by a reliable source within the barracks that security has been beefed up within and around the barracks in order to prevent the bandits from escaping with the officers.

“The bandits attacked the barracks after most people had gone to bed, which was a terrible experience.”

As of right now, the entire barracks is under lock and key and security has been beefed up so that the bandits will not leave… it is believed that they are still in there,” the source said.

The officer who was injured in the attack is being treated at a hospital within the barracks.

There are, however, concerns that the bandits may decide to kill the officers in order to escape.

Major Bashir Jajira, Academy Public Relations Officer, did not answer calls.

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