Officers Shot By Bandits – Their Identities

officers shot by bandits their identities
officers shot by bandits their identities

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, two people were found dead inside Afaka barracks of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA). They were identified as Lieutenant Commander Wulah and Flying Lieutenant CM Okoronwo.

Around 1am, Shauntv reported that bandits broke into the prestigious military institution.

According to a source within the barracks, the attackers struck when many were asleep.

According to the source, security was stepped up to prevent the armed men from escaping with their victims.

Shauntv further learned that one Major Datong was kidnapped in the incident, while a 2nd Lieutenant Onah was injured by a gunshot and is currently receiving treatment at NDA hospital.

In response to the extremely embarrassing incident, the military has not yet reacted.

The attack occurred less than a week after President Muhammadu Buhari told security chiefs to double their efforts so that he would not leave office as a failure.

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