Ohanaeze Ndigbo youths: We are ready for one united Nigeria

ohanaeze ndigbo youths we are ready for one united nigeria
ohanaeze ndigbo youths we are ready for one united nigeria

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Wing Worldwide has stated that Igbo are ready to be in one united Nigeria that is anchored on justice and equity.

The group saidIgbo are no longer interested in a country where appointments are skewed in favour of one ethic group.

The National Youth President, Arthur Obiora who spoke with Daily Trust , in Awka, Anambra state capital, on Sunday, said the current insecurity and agitation across the country are caused by injustice and inequity.

According to him, “If the country cannot be operated on fairness and justice ,let every region go their way to save lives and property.”

According to him, the only solution to Nigeria’s problem is total restructuring and “anything short of restructuring will lead to the collapse of Nigeria.”

“You know that a hungry man is an angry man , when the government cannot pay minimum wage and some of them are proposing to sell fuel at N400,it shows they are insensitive to the plight of the masses.

“The elites are enjoying , the masses are suffering. The masses hardly can afford three square meals a day. There is no employment for the youths ,they are not engaged. This is what is expected .Without justice there cannot be peace and without peace , there will not be development.

“We are not praying for violent but bad governance forced people to agitations and violent activities. We are talking about restructuring Nigeria , the bigger the better. About two or three states in America is bigger than the whole of Nigeria.

“The solution to Nigeria problem is restructuring and when it is restructured , the country problem will solved by 80 percent and then we begin to get it right .

“I also think secession is the best thing for us now ,if Nigeria cannot come together and work as a team and be united united, let every body go their ways if we cannot work as a united team” he said.

Reacting on the statement of southern governors  on ban on open grazing, Obiora who is the Deputy President of Coalition of All Ethnic Nigeria Youth Presidents of Nigeria (CAEGYPN), said that the position of the governors were as a results of the pressures from the people to their governors to do the needful. According to him, they did not act based on their will  but forced to.

“Our people are moving their agitations to their state governors ,senators and house representative members and political class . We have started engaging them on what is the true position in the zones and Nigeria and they have no choice than follow their people ” he said.

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