Ohaneze cautions Igbo against violent politics

igbo presidency ohaneze cautions igbo against violent politics
igbo presidency ohaneze cautions igbo against violent politics

Ohan’eze Ndi Igbo has cautioned Igbo against using violence in the pursuit of a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction.

The Vice President of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, Chief Damian Ogene-Okeke gave the advice at a forum organised by National Forum for South East President of Igbo extraction held in Awka Anambra state on Thursday.

He said that there is no alternative to Nigerian president of Igbo extraction and urged Ndigbo to be careful and tactful about it, by being peaceful.

According to him, the South East must come out and play the politics of producing the president of the country by reaching out to other zones and convincing them on why Igboman must be president.

“Nobody gets the president of a country from his home. We cannot be in the comfort of our homes and be saying it is our turn to produce a president without coming out for it. We must be courageous about the agitation for the president of Nigeria from Igbo extraction.

“We cannot get the president on a platter of gold. We must be prepared for it. We want to test the position and we must move forward. You cannot be demanding for president and at the same time penciling some for destruction.

“No one zone can produce a president without the support of others. we have no other alternative than the president of Igbo extraction today in Nigeria. For Nigeria to be country, Igboman must be involved. The Igboman must apply the game of senses and not a game of violence because we cannot get any meaningful thing through violence,” he said .

In his welcome address, the convener of the forum Dr. Patrick Enuneku said that Igbomaan believes in one united and peaceful Nigeria.

“Today Nigeria is on the verge of collapse, but God forbid. If the Igboman gets the position of Nigeria president, it will help to reduce the tension in the country. It is the turn of the Igboman to be president, ” he said

SOURCE: Dailytrust

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