Oprah Winfrey And Stedman Graham Reunite After 14-Day Quarantine

Oprah Winfrey and longtime love Stedman Graham were reunited after 14 days of quarantining separately due to concerns over coronavirus. It was not revealed in the Instagram post shared by O Magazine why Stedman was living alone in the couple’s Santa Barbara, California guest house.

However, O Magazine reported that Oprah said in an interview that Stedman had not initially taken the severity of coronavirus seriously and continued his schedule of public speaking and flying on airplanes.

“He’s at the guesthouse, because you all know I had pneumonia late last year…I had just gotten off of antibiotics last week because I had a bronchial infection,” Oprah said to the publication.

She then revealed that Stedman was “late to the party” about truly understanding how serious the pandemic had become.

In the sweet social media clip, the couple was finally able to get close to one another after 14 days apart. They were reunited in song by two former OWLAG students Thando and Sadé. The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, South Africa is a boarding school for grades 8-12, in Henley on Klip, Gauteng Province, South Africa.

In the video, the girls are singing for Stedman, who is seen waving at them from the front of what appears to be a guest house on the couple’s property. He is wearing a black zip-up sweatshirt and pants, and a gray t-shirt. His gray hair is cut close to his head, and his facial hair is neatly trimmed.

“Freedom” was the word sung over and over for the couple of 33 years as they finally were able to get close to one another.

Oprah was seen in the short clip walking toward Stedman with their dog, Sadie. The legendary talk show host and motivational speaker wore a tan hooded sweatshirt, coordinating pants and brown-and-tan eyeglasses for their reunion.

The couple had a long embrace and kissed. The clip continued with Oprah and Stedman walking arm-in-arm down a pathway, with Oprah revealing that the duo will have their first dinner together after 14 days apart.

“Uncle Stedman, how do you feel?” one of the girls asked.

“Free at last!” was his response.

Assistant to O‘s editor-at-large Gayle King, Joseph Zambrano commented on the post regarding the quarantine.

“Y’all Lady O was not playing with this quarantine! We spoke this morning and I said, ‘Is he out yet?’ And she said, ‘No, his quarantine is lifted at 2 PM.’ Down. To. The. Hour.”

“I don’t know what’s better, the girls joyfully singing his welcome or the end when he says ‘Free at last,’” stated a follower of the television legend.

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